matt's bio

“Matt’s irreverent swashbuckling style is reminiscent of the halcyon days when guitar was king and guitar anthems ruled the airwaves and stadiums all the world over.”  

Born rolling on the river in Cincinnati, OH, Matt took up the guitar against the best advice of family and doctors.  Being a bit of a loser with no friends, mountains of enemies and parents that wanted him killed, Matt took solace in the guitar and shit blew up!  

In and out of bands and trouble through high school and college, Matt developed a penchant for Bud Light and self-indulgent guitar solos - as well as a regular gig playing Cincy’s solo acoustic circuit.  Here he made a small name for himself and a dedicated following with the police and FBI.  His parents came to every show seeking handouts and doling out advice.  Matt for his part continued to shape his sound and write weird tomes to cresting waves of indifference.  

By 1995, Matt joined Tweakness Jones.  A 4-piece ensemble that blended funk, rock and art with indirect references to Victorian tradition.  They toured around the Midwest promoting their album, Namaste, which some say can still be heard somewhere out in deep space.  In keeping with rock ’n’ roll cliche, the band tore itself apart with infantile wars over who gets to drive and who wears the best haircut.  Matt didn’t care about either because he is a  nihilist pen-pal to the Maharishi.  

1998 was a pivotal year.  The Clinton-Lewinski scandal breaks out, the start of the 2nd Congo War takes place, and Matt Gerwin moves to Lexington, KY in pursuit of career opportunity completely devoid of anything musical.  Indeed, Matt left his home to start a new life.  

It wasn’t long before he was playing music again, but now in the Bluegrass.  Somewhere along this dusty road, Matt met a talented bass player named Todd Starns and the two formed Mourning Woody.  This heady nod to the late Woody Guthrie would produce 1 album, We’re Better Than We Sound, and a host of poor decision-making.  People still talk about the shows, never mentioning the actual music, but it’s been verified that no-one ever got hurt.  

Life imitates art and often gets in the way of it too.  Matt started a family in the mid-2000’s and lost his focus and mind.  With the music on the back-burner, Matt settled into a period of domesticity and indolence.  From this malaise spawned the unlikely Jump the Curb.  

Sometimes a 4-piece, sometimes a 3-piece, Jump the Curb is the culmination of years of preparation, tireless commitment and unwavering perseverance.  Centered on a barroom rock, guitar sound, Matt and the band weave a contagious blend of good times and great taste with their raw talent bowed at the foot of music’s Mt. Olympus.  These guys are fun and energetic, playing each show like it might be their last.  Every ounce of electricity is squeezed out of the tortured strings.  T-Mike Blaire is the Rock of Gibraltar holding tight the bottom end on bass.  Troy Maynus can hit a cockroach with a drumstick from 50yrds away - blindfolded.  Together, these crazy bastards put together a rhythm section James Brown would envy!  

Check out Matt Gerwin and Jump the Curb at a show near you.  Make sure to be ready for a party!  

Matt is happily married with a beautiful teenage daughter.  

Matt plays a 1973 Fender Tele-Delux through a Fender Delux Amp when with the band.  When solo, Matt plays a Taylor 810C.